The Best TV-Recap Comments of the Week

Every week, you pore over the recaps of your favorite shows, discussing and dissecting the shows’ events in the comments. And, every week, we pore over your comments, reveling in how you point out all the connections and details we missed, and offer up your own hilarious and/or perceptive critiques. Every Tuesday we’ll be selecting and posting our favorite reader comments of the week: Did any of yours make the cut? If not, there’s always next week!

Mad Men:

“Has anyone else noticed how that consultant is so often wrong? She leads them to believe that Pond’s can appeal to the younger market, so they dump Clearasil, totally missing that upcoming surge in cosmetics for teens, college girls, and the Cosmo reader. Ponds never went anywhere, but Clearasll spawned an industry. In the opening scene she’s trying to tell them how to sell coughdrops. She tells them that people who eat coughdrops as candy are hypochondriacs. Nope: they were kids. We couldn’t eat candy in school, but we could eat Luden’s and Smith Brothers cherry cough drops for our “sore throats,” which, believe me, we knew we did not have.” MaryLee

“It seemed to me that when Betty was talking to the therapist about her father, she was jealous of Sally’s relationship with him (which was closer and more like a father/daughter relationship than whatever Betty had with him when she was a kid). Or at least, that’s always the feeling I got from her, and why she treats Sally like shit now. But then, I hate her so I might be biased.” Peppercorn

True Blood:

“I was down with the multiple types of supernaturals (“fairies, vampires, werewolves, and now Wiccans and sorcerers and conjurers”) that all seem to congregate around Bon Temps. But the cat girl has tipped me over the edge. It would have been way cooler if they were some kind of Gypsy clan trying to keep their bloodline pure. (Speaking of, was Crystal’s dad planning on having more kids? He said the V had now tainted his bloodline … )” maggiebex

“When Eric told Sookie, ‘I know you like this,’ or something to the effect in her dream coupled with the real life make out sesh I’d have to say this is the best episode of True Blood ever. I’d settle for an entire hour of Eric making out with someone. chickadee2586

Jersey Shore:

“Awful episode. Can someone let the producers know that just because Sammi and Ronnie are unaware of the fact that they’re living a”Groundhog Day–esque existence by living the same fight over and over again, doesn’t mean we’re oblivious as well? Thanks. kdow3

“Am I the only one that was impressed that Snooki knew how to type? I never would have figured that she knew the QWERTY system. Always pegged her as a hunt and pecker.” winkingskunk

Rescue Me:

“As crazy as Sheila is, the writers gave her a pretty good ‘list’ this week. If she wasn’t such a looney toon, hearing any other character give that speech would make you sympathetic towards the character. With Sheila — no, not so much. IrishCoffee

Project Runway:

“michael c’s dress was HIDEOUS. my jaw dropped when i realized he was top and not bottom three. it was straight out of rampage for $45, a variation on a cheap and tacky prom dress owned by hundreds of girls across the u.s>”jumpoverit

“That hat on Peach’s creation(?) looks like a glamourous porcupine.Spooky yet fascinating. I like AJ’s vintage Christian Lacroix–esque confection.” FrigidBardot

Top Chef:

“What was with all the knife-licking? Since when is that acceptable behavior??” tulip23

“All of these producers need to be fired immediately. How come we find out that Alex is Amanda’s favorite Jewish uncle 5 minutes before he’s sent home? No footage of anything interesting between the contestants at all. I realize that they are a boring lot but come on, how about a little editing magic? Oh what I wouldn’t give for just one ‘I’m not your b*tch, b*tch.’” birdgherl


“Is there a point to all this, I wonder, or is it essentially a conspiracy to show us that all conspiracies are pointless?” binkybinky

“If this show is trying to be Three Days of the Condor there’s going to have to be some more action. If the first 20 minutes of Three Days of the Condor the entire historical society fronting for a CIA think tank is wiped out in brutal assassinations and Robert Redford is forced to kidnap Faye Dunaway in order to escape. We haven’t seen anything like that in four HOURS of Rubicon. Someone needs to be shot repeatedly and soon.” skyfox

The Best TV-Recap Comments of the Week