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Dustin Hoffman to Rescue Little Fockers

A couple of weeks ago, we told you Universal was pursuing Dustin Hoffman to reprise his role as Ben Stiller’s dad in Meet the Parents sequel Little Fockers, which had already wrapped and screened for test audiences but will soon enter reshoots. Now Nikki Finke says he’s agreed to appear in four new scenes, for which he’ll earn the same handsome paycheck he’d have received if he’d signed up for the movie in the first place — nice. By the way, this should not be seen as an indication that Fockers, in its current state, is as bad as it looked in the trailer. Reports Nikki:

Universal continues to spin that Little Fockers could have gone out “as is” since it scored an “85” for the top 2 boxes with test audiences. “But we want to make it better. It’s an investment in the future of the franchise.”

“Future of the franchise.” Chilling, isn’t it? When MTP 4: Slightly Larger Fockers happens, you can blame Dustin Hoffman.

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Dustin Hoffman to Rescue Little Fockers