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Glee Actors: Broke, Hungry

“I got 400 bucks from it going No. 1. But you know what, that’s OK, because if I’m patient, and if this thing does really well, maybe I’ll see another 400 bucks.” —Cory Montieth, about missing his royalties from the Glee soundtrack [NYP/Page Six]

“They should throw a cheeseburger at my car. I’d appreciate that!” —Mark Salling, joking about rumors that Glee co-star Naya Rivera had keyed his car [Us]

“Are we calling it a draw, bro?” —Ryan Seacrest, in a text to Amazing Race producer Jerry Bruckheimer after both his show and American Idol lost the Emmy for Outstanding Reality Competition Program to Top Chef [NYT]

“I just didn’t think a film about a drunken small guy was remotely funny. The reality about alcoholics is that they’re boring and tedious, and I’d spent enough nights in pubs with drunken boys to know it was not something I’d ever want to be caught up in. And I particularly objected to the way women were depicted—which was something I felt about most movies I saw back then—as kind of slave-enablers.” —Helen Mirren, about the movie Arthur, the remake of which she is currently filming [NYT]

“The jackpot is high, so why not try?” —George Clooney, after buying 1,000 lottery tickets in Laglio, Italy [NYP]

“Do not give up hope!!! But Aaron Paul…AWESOME!!! Seriously people, do NOT GIVE UP!” —Lost producer Damon Lindelof on Twitter, after watching Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn lose to Paul for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama [NYDN]

“For the love of God do NOT… oh. Wait. Damn. Okay, fine. It is now okay to give up. Thank you for your energy, guys. We felt it.” —Damon Lindelof on Twitter again, after losing to Mad Men for Outstanding Drama Series [NYDN]

“She is a little more popular than I am, so that’s kind of hard for me, but that’s what happens when you star in a show and you have a breakout star like my mom. I am the sidekick tonight. I am her wingman.” —Kathy Griffin, about taking her mom to the Emmys [Us]

“She’s a bad bitch. I think she’s really, really perky.” —Nicki Minaj, about her celebrity crush, Charlize Theron [People]

“Oh, I’m loose as a goose. It’s fantastic. I discovered tonight, this is the way to win an Emmy. Win it a week early.” —John Lithgow [LAT]

“He’s never seen me naked, nor will he after those comments.” —January Jones on Jason Sudeikis’s revelation that he has seen her naked [Huffington Post]

“I guess “The Wrestler” was the most straightforward thing I’ve done. I think I was trying to make a sports film. I guess I don’t do genre very well.” —Darren Aronofsky [MTV]

“I’m so grateful. It’s like having a great meal to do the show, and then to be awarded an Emmy is a beautiful flambé dessert, and then last year was another dessert on top of that. I feel gluttonous. And it’s more than I can take in. It really is. I feel like I’m going to become a diabetic. So it’s actually a reprieve that I can relax next year and let things go. It really is.” —Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad’s upcoming season not being eligible for next year’s Emmys [LAT]

Glee Actors: Broke, Hungry