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To Christina Hendricks, Joan Holloway Will Never Really Be Joan Harris

Joan Holloway, the beloved and beautiful Mad Men character, married a beefy, if increasingly insecure, failed surgeon. So, technically, she’s been Joan Harris for a season and an episode now. But in an interview with PopWrap, she said she’s glad that fans don’t call her that:

PW: More than any character, save for maybe Don, Joan has deeply permeated pop culture. I can’t count the number of times a rival Pub Trivia Team has been named “Joan Holloway’s Accordion” or “Joan Holloway’s Pen Necklace.”

Christina: [laughs] Oh my gosh, I’m so flattered. I got some goosebumps. First of all, I love that they say Holloway, not Harris.

PW: I believe we prefer to think of her like that.

Christina: I still do! I remember at the first season three table read, we have nametags with our characters on them so guest stars know who we play, and mine said Joan Harris. When time came to introduce ourselves I said, “Hi I’m Christina Hendricks and I play Joan H-H-H … I couldn’t bring myself to say it. So I just said Joan [laughs].

It’s an interesting point! Why don’t fans call her Harris? Maybe she’s too embedded in the public consciousness as Joan Holloway, or, as she may be implying, it’s just hard to picture Joan with her husband’s last name. In any case, maybe she’ll be Joan Sterling someday, since Hendricks plays coy when asked about a Roger/Joan romantic reunion: “You never know!” That fans would probably stand by.

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To Christina Hendricks, Joan Holloway Will Never Really Be Joan Harris