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Industry Roundup: Carell, Hurt

Boyfriend Hunting: Steve Carell will star in A Boyfriend for My Wife, a remake of the 2008 Argentine romantic comedy Un novio para mi mujer. Carell will also produce the film, about a “timid husband” who believes the only way for him to get out of his “stifling marriage” is to get his wife to fall in love with another man. So he seeks the help of a “legendary yet unlikely Lothario” (why do we feel like this is going to Owen Wilson?) to enact his plan. Mark Gibson and Phil Halprin who wrote, uh, Snow Dogs, are on board to write the script. [Variety]

The Big Hurt: William Hurt will play Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in Too Big To Fail, HBO’s film on the 2008 financial crisis. Curtis Hanson will direct the project, based on the book by Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin. The search continues for actors to play Timothy Geitner, Dick Fuld and Ben Bernanke. Suggestions? [Deadline]

Car Troubles: Maria Bello and Stephen Dorff are starring in the Peter Medak-directed indie thriller Carjacked about a single mother and child who are carjacked by a bank robber who, sadly, “has no intention of letting them go.” Eek! [Variety]

Vroom: Albert Brooks has joined Drive, the thriller starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and Bryan Cranston. Brooks will play a “transplanted New York mobster” who comes to Los Angeles and “is not to be messed with.” That Albert Brooks, always playing the evil villain! [Deadline]

Post-Grand: Brooklyn-based duo Matt & Kim have announced their follow-up to last year’s Grand will be released November 2 and will be called Sidewalks. Fans will get a treat some months earlier though with first single “Cameras,” which will drop August 31. [Pitchfork]

Kung Fu
To Karate: Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff - the duo who wrote Kung Fu Panda - have signed on to write the sequel to The Karate Kid. They better hurry up before Jaden Smith hits puberty. [Heat Vision/HR]

It’s Miller Time: Allison Miller (Kings, 17 Again) is the second cast member aboard Fox’s upcoming Steven Spielberg-Peter Chernin television series Terra Nova. The show is centered on a family from 2149 led by Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara) who are sent back 85 million years to prehistoric times. [Deadline]

Industry Roundup: Carell, Hurt