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Industry: January Jones in X-Men: First Class

Psychic Betty: Director Matthew Vaughn has hired another five actors for X-Men: First Class: Zoe Kravitz (she’ll play Angel), Bill Milner (the young version of Magneto), Morgan Lily (the young Mystique), and — boom! — Mad Men’s January Jones, who’ll star as Emma Frost (a.k.a. the White Queen), a telepathic mutant whose powers also include the ability to not catch cold even while wearing this outdoors. Here’s hoping we get to see her smack young Mystique and Magneto and send them to their rooms. [Deadline]

Closet Case: J.J. Abrams’s Bad Robot is developing 7 Minutes in Heaven, a thriller in which two teenagers, playing the titular kissing game, enter a closet and, when they come out, find all their friends dead. The idea for the film comes from Jack Bender, director of the Lost finale, which means the closet is probably really purgatory. [Heat Vision/HR]

Speedman Takes a Vow: Scott Speedman will join Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum in Vow, a rom-dram about a newlywed couple injured in a car crash; when McAdams comes out of a coma, she has no memory of Tatum or their marriage. Speedman will play her former fiancé, with whom she gets back together thanks to her amnesia. [HR]

Mann to do Crime: Seith Mann, a scribe for The Wire and Fringe, will write and direct a movie adaptation of the hip graphic novel Miss: Better Living Through Crime — by Philippe Thirault, Marc Riou, and Mark Vigouroux — about an orphan and a pimp who kill for money in the twenties. Spike Lee will produce, because we guess he didn’t hear about Scott Pilgrim’s box office. [Heat Vision/HR]

Bond Guys Get a Job:While they’re waiting for MGM to get its money right, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have a deal to script a thriller based on an original idea from producers Michael Lieber and Walter Parkes. In the as-yet-untitled project, an American anthropologist in the Sahara comes to the aid of one of his research subjects, a suspected terrorist. Everybody’s got to eat. [Risky Business/HR]

Undercover Brother: CBS has ordered a companion series to its hit show Undercover Boss. On it, a pair of employees working for the same company will compete against each other for a promotion. Someone should probably be fired for this. [Live Feed/HR]

Peet Does LaBute: Amanda Peet will join the previously cast David Duchovny in the MCC Theater’s production of Neil LaBute’s The Break of Noon, about a guy who “sees God in the midst of a tragedy.” Even though Peet would make a perfectly good God, we suspect she’ll play the guy’s wife. [Variety]

Industry: January Jones in X-Men: First Class