Is This Young Jeezy–Rick Ross Beef Real?

Ever since 50 Cent started syncing all of his album releases with a fresh batch of beefs, the world has soured on the genre’s more obvious WWE-like machinations. Which is why the burgeoning beef between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy — Jeezy just released the veiled Ross diss “Death Before Dishonor” — is so refreshing: Hey, these people may actually not like each other!

The acrimonious back-and-forth began when Ross released “”B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast),” a nod to the infamous drug organization Black Mafia Family. Jeezy, who is actually associated with BMF and its now-imprisoned leader Big Meech, responded with “BMF (The Real Blowin’ Money Fast),” featuring Meech himself on the phone from prison. And last night, just to make sure his point was coming across, Jeezy followed up with “Death Before Dishonor,” a freestyle over Ross’s original “BMF” beat that features the line: “How you blowing money fast, you don’t know the crew / Oh, you part of the fam; shit, I never knew.” Ross, ever the gentleman, has yet to respond, although hopefully he changes his mind soon.

So, is this real? On the one hand, Jeezy and Ross are both on Def Jam and have collaborated in the past; also, Jeezy has an impending new album, Thug Motivation 103, to plug. On the other, Jeezy has more than enough motivation not to like Ross: both are of a similar ilk — doughy, Southern rappers obsessed with cocaine — but while Jeezy was on the scene first, Ross has at this point arguably eclipsed him in popularity and general acclaim. Also, Jeezy invented shouting out BMF (on the remix to Ross’s “Hustlin’,” no less), but it seems to be working out much better for Ross. So, until any further developments — real!

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Is This Young Jeezy–Rick Ross Beef Real?