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Jennifer Aniston To Star In Arrested Development Movie?

While rumors of an Arrested Development movie have been floating around since back when Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt, Jason Bateman has revealed that he’s hoping Aniston will appear in the movie, whenever it happens.

“Yeah, actually, there’s a real good part for [Aniston] in the Arrested Development movie,” Bateman told MTV News over the weekend. “[Creator Mitch Hurwitz] has got half the script written. He’s gotta finish the second half and then the studio’s gotta love it and the cast’s gotta love it and we all have to have time to do it… It’s happening.”

Aniston said she’s psyched about the possibility of joining the Bluth gang.

“I love it. I actually think I might have asked [Bateman] … if that was possible,” she said. “Anything to work with Jason.”

Of course, this could all just be a way to drum up some buzz for Aniston and Bateman’s upcoming artificial insemination-themed comedy The Switch, but, even so, this casting rumor should spark some lively debate among Arrested Development loyalists.

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Jennifer Aniston To Star In Arrested Development Movie?