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Jill Zarin’s Reportedly Playing Hardball With Bravo


The full Real Housewives of New York City cast has been asked back for a fourth season, but they’re holding out for more money, the Post reports. Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, and Alex McCord reportedly make $4K per episode, but they want to make the same bank as esteemed reality-TV star Nicole “Snookums” Polizzi, who earns 30K per Jersey Shore episode on MTV. According to friends of the Housewives, the girls are sick of “pimping themselves out” with jewelry lines or books, when they could just fight each other on TV full time for the right price.

We were exhausted by the close of the three-part reunion last season, but we don’t really want Ramona Singer banished from our lives forever, when we really think about it, which we do most days. It is Jill Zarin, now reportedly leading the fight for better contracts, who seemed most loathsome last season. Certainly we’d be willing to watch Zarin undergo a challenging spiritual transformation on Bravo (no spinoff, though, please), but is that really the answer for this increasingly fame-hungry woman? And if she’s already asking for more money, does that mean she’s yet to devolve from Jill-Zilla and back into a likable matriarch? Well, Bravo: Give Sonja whatever she asks for, and if Bethenny decides to head back to the block and remember the show that made her famous in the first place, we’d greet her with open arms once more. Oh, fine, LuAnnn, and the rest of you nuts, just c’mon back. We’ll still watch. What say the rest of you: Do you want an all-new cast? Or do these women deserve a fourth shot at redemption?

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Jill Zarin’s Reportedly Playing Hardball With Bravo