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Kiernan Shipka Has Seen Parts of Mad Men

“When we watch, [my mom] fast-forwards a lot.” —Ten-year-old Kiernan Shipka, a.k.a. Sally Draper, on never having seen an entire Mad Men episode [Chicago Tribune]

“Frances is so beautiful, but she doesn’t want to be famous. She was offered the part of Bella in the Twilight movies, and Tim Burton wanted her for Alice in Wonderland. But she wants to go to college: she’s very good at graphic novels.” —Courtney Love on daughter Frances Bean Cobain [Daily Mail UK]

“I wanted to be Christopher Walken. I saw a film version of Puss in Boots, and he was Puss. He had a mouse tail hanging out of his mouth, and he said ‘Growl’ as only Chris Walken can. That performance made me want to be an actor.” —Kat Dennings [W]

“I’m a white woman from a rich country who is making pop music, so I’m not really trying to prove a point there. But what I’m trying to do is connect to something I think is relevant for all people all the time, that’s feeling connected to the rest of the world.” —Robyn [AV Club]

“I don’t envy Lindsay Lohan. Poor thing.” —Jennifer Aniston [Extra]

“I remember that I went back to my trailer and I concentrated. I did some acting exercises. I was playing the archetype of a lover, so I put on a sexy, slow song and almost did like a belly dance. … Many people told me, ‘Oh, just close your eyes and think of him as a woman.’ But no, because that is a totally different energy … I had to open myself to be able to actually be attracted to him, like, really attracted to him.” —True Blood’s Theo Alexander on preparing for his sex scene with Alexander Skarsgard [Movieline]

“When I turn 60 and leave the red carpet, I am going to get the tattoo arm sleeve I have always wanted.” —Jada Pinkett Smith [Us]

“I don’t feel like I’m very pop-star lame, but I’m definitely not hipster-cool. I’m somewhere right in the middle of it all. Because, for me, I want to sell out, but just not in the ‘I’ve sold out’ kind of way. I want to sell out arenas and sell millions of records.” —Katy Perry [Guardian UK]

Kiernan Shipka Has Seen Parts of Mad Men