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M. Night Shyamalan’s European Sensibility Appreciated by Japanese

“I don’t know what’s going on with me and the critics in the United States. They’ve never got me and it’s getting worse! I’ve always had a European sensibility to my movies, so the pacing is always a little bit off for [Americans]. It feels a little stilted, they need more electricity … I’m very used to getting on a plane from the U.S. having been savaged by them and going to — in this case — Japan next, and then they’re like ‘genius!’” —M. Night Shyamalan [ITN]

“Before she made it, before anyone knew who she was, I knew who she was and, to see her finally make it, I was so happy. … If we were to work together that would be cool.” —Janet Jackson on Lady Gaga [Metro UK]

“I want to get Paris on [Entourage] next year. It’s about time. We’re going to make it happen.” —Adrian Grenier [E!]

“Honestly, I was disappointed. There were many action scenes for Jacob, but when the best stuff happens, Jacob is in his wolf form, so they left out some of the stuff I did on my own. At least I got to kiss Kristen for the first time ever. That was the best. She’s a great kisser.” —Taylor Lautner on Twilight: Eclipse [Vanidades via Twilight Poison]

“My ego got really bruised. When everyone did but me, that doesn’t feel good at all. There were certain years I thought, ‘Maybe I have a shot,’ like the Monica-Chandler years. But I don’t know how it happens and why … maybe I wasn’t ready.” —Courtney Cox on being the only Friends cast member who never got nominated for an Emmy [Emmy Magazine via Access Hollywood]

“Some of my favorite artists of all time are classic artists, and the list is long when it comes to dream duets. Anywhere from a Mick Jagger to a Prince to a David Bowie.” —Ke$ha [OK!]

“There was one scene where I go up to surprise Drew … Applegate comes around the corner, catches me in a towel … During one take … I gestured with my hand that was holding the towel to the upstairs bathroom, drop the towel, and so my boys were out there. We had to turn the camera around to Christina — to get her reaction. So generous giving actor that I am, I had to do exactly what I did again. And I grew up watching — who didn’t have a crush on Christina, on Kelly Bundy? It was one of those surreal (moments). I found myself for a solid hour of my life showing her my cock and balls.” —Justin Long on filming Going the Distance [Toronto Sun]

M. Night Shyamalan’s European Sensibility Appreciated by Japanese