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Best Mad Men Props on eBay

Good news, Mad Men fans and office-furniture enthusiasts: The eagerly anticipated charity auction of Mad Men paraphernalia to benefit the lung-cancer program at California’s City of Hope hospital is finally under way on eBay (it ends August 22). Have you always wanted to hold Peggy’s diaphragm in your hands? Well, unfortunately you can’t do that, but what you can do is buy Betty and Joan’s dresses, conference-room abstract paintings, and a vast amount of Sterling Cooper office furniture. You could literally fill your (small) house with Mad Men chairs alone — 46 of them are available. To help you make your bids, Vulture’s selected the best of the 116 items available — not including the walk-on role, which is currently going for $2,000.

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’Mad Men’ Charity Auction [eBay]

The dress Joan thought was ruined when it was sprayed with blood during last season’s lawn-mower incident. An important part of both Mad Men and dry-cleaning history. Current Price: $405
Betty’s frown will be auctioned off separately. Current Price: $255
Bobbie’s second-most famous dress. Current Price: $325
The very settee on which Pete and Peggy’s second sexual encounter happened. Current Price: $307.51
Bonus: Pete has never had sex on this couch. Current Price: $1,025
What Sterling Cooper’s offices lacked in gender equality they made up for in lumbar support. Current Price: $0.99
The crown jewel of Bert Cooper’s art collection: the first-ever Magic Eye. Current Price: $255
Maybe they smell like Joan. Current Price: $0.99
A fine place to store marijuana cigarettes. Current Price: $202.50
You can’t have Lane Pryce’s prostitute, but you can have his lamp. Current Price: $142
Pour one out for Sal. Current Price: $305
“Recognize these?” you’ll ask your guests. “Why, those are Mad Men sconces,” they’ll say. Current Price: $26


Best Mad Men Props on eBay