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Millionaire Matchmaker Can’t Find Her Match

“Love: Everyone wants it, but not everyone finds it,” says (warns? taunts?) Patti Stanger, in the opening credits of her successful Bravo reality show The Millionaire Matchmaker. Now the matchmaker, who once boasted a “ninety-nine percent success rate,” has called it quits with fiancé Andy Friedman. Stanger says Friedman’s reluctance to have kids was the deal-breaker, but anyone who watches the show knows she was already gushing about and planning her wedding a year ago, when that was apparently not an issue.

Some cynics, who have suffered through Stanger’s patronizing-yet-haunting advice episode after episode, will note a bit of schadenfreude tinged to this news. (We are not among this group, obviously!) But for those who truly believed in Patti’s tao, this will be a heartbreaking dose of reality, making Stanger yet another loveless, “no-sex-before-monogamy” sucker who falls into that tricky “one percent” of people that even Matchmaker just can’t help.

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Millionaire Matchmaker Can’t Find Her Match