Network TV’s Internet Problem, Summed Up in a Tweet

Thanks @Mediaite!! Full Emmy opening. #Emmys #gleeless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


How crazy is this Tweet? Jimmy Fallon had to link to a presumably-illegal copy of his own Emmy opening number because NBC, his network, didn’t put it online.

The video was internet catnip, just begging to be passed around the next morning. And as a piece of content never to be offered up on DVD or sold into syndication, featuring NBC talent and properties, it should’ve been a no-brainer to get online immediately to reap the branding benefits. But alas! They didn’t.

To be fair, apparently the issue wasn’t NBC not wanting to post the clip, but not being able to due to rights issues relating to Springsteen’s Born to Run, which was the song Fallon and crew were parodying. And NBC has been at the forefront of getting its programming out there on the internet via Hulu. Credit where credit is due!

But one wonders if the fact that they didn’t have the rights lined up is a product of low priority or of high cost. In the future, stuff like this needs to be worked out ahead of time in a way that allows these major networks to actually capitalize on the buzz that they’re creating. [via]

Network TV’s Internet Problem, Summed Up in a Tweet