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See Russell Brand in Undies on Arthur Set

Remaking Arthur — the 1981 Dudley Moore comedy about a boozy billionaire apprehensively heading into an arranged marriage — with Russell Brand in the title role is such a no-brainer we can’t even really get mad at the general spirit of un-inventiveness on display. Also working in the movie’s favor: it’s already birthed photos of Brand running around New York in his underwear. All this — plus Greta Gerwig, Helen Mirren, and an angry Nick Nolte! — in our latest Vulture on Set slideshow. By the way, if we’re remaking Dudley Moore movies now, can 1987 Kirk Cameron body-switching romp Like Father Like Son be next?

As promised.
“Oh God, he’s doing a silly dance, isn’t he?”
“I’m trying to remember why I signed on for this movie.”
“Just thought of something funny Diddy said once.”
If Russell Brand is found bloodied and murdered in his trailer at any point during this shoot, we know where to look first.
“Prop beards? We’re doing prop beards now?”
“Okay, I’ll give it to him, this one’s pretty funny.”
In response to this kiss, Katy Perry is doing an Andrew Bujalski movie.
The ever-industrious Gerwig pulls double duty as a PA.
Probably the only way we’d sign off on a Back to the Future remake is if Luis Guzman played Doc.
“You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but the one in the Wild West or whatever was my favorite.”
So modest all of a sudden.
Just once more before you go.
See Russell Brand in Undies on Arthur Set