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Pras Still Not Voting For Wyclef

The Wall Street Journal continues to interview everyone involved in the Haitian presidential election who was also a member of the Fugees. Following up on yesterday’s interview with presidential candidate Wyclef Jean, WSJ sat down with Wyclef’s former bandmate Pras and Michel Martelly, the presidential hopeful Pras backs, to talk about the substantive policy issue known as the beef between Pras and Wyclef. Martelly (the guy who, you know, actually wants to govern Haiti) gets in a few words before Pras (the guy who was, you know, a member of the Fugees) squashes it.

Says Pras:

“Without Wyclef and his musical ingeniousness, I wouldn’t even be here, and vice versa. Wyclef is a dear friend. He’s a brother. He’s a cousin. It’s just politics. It’s a matter of, do I believe that he can take Haiti to where it needs to go to? No. Do I agree with what he’s done for Haiti? As far as bringing a national spotlight on it, he’s second to none … But now he wants to be the commander-in-chief of Haiti. I do not feel like after the devastation, after the 200 years of corruption that’s been going on in Haiti, I don’t think Wyclef is fit to go in and lead. It’s not personal. I spoke to Wyclef two, three months ago. It’s not even about that, it’s about Haiti.”

Phew! We were getting the strange impression that it was about the Fugees! In any event, we’re definitely waiting for Lauryn Hill’s endorsement before we decide who has our vote.

Pras Still Not Voting For Wyclef