Pras Won’t Be Voting for Wyclef

“Yo, Clef, your fiscal policy is shortsighted.”

Elevating hip-hop beef to a spectacular new level, Wyclef Jean’s former Fugees bandmate Pras has officially announced whom he’s endorsing in the upcoming Haitian presidential election … and it’s not Wyclef. Cold-blooded as it may seem, Pras is casting his lot with Michel Martelly, better known in Haiti under his stage name, Sweet Micky. That’s right: Pras is shunning his old pal Clef — who has been catching a fair amount of flack for assuming his background in seminal nineties/irrelevant aughts hip-hop qualifies him to run a country — in order to roll with a different musician.

Before we go any further, we should probably point out that we know about as much about the current Haitian political climate and whom the country would be best served by as we do the late-career albums of Wyclef Jean. Anyway, Pras is tweeting up a storm of Martelly support (“All my Haitians it is official Michel Martelly will be the next president of Haiti I promise you !!!!!!!!!!!”) and promising to make CNN appearances discussing his decision. Which means this may end up becoming Pras’s most high-profile moment since “Ghetto Superstar.” Hey, remember “Ghetto Superstar”?

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Pras Won’t Be Voting for Wyclef