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Bryan Cranston: Not Acting

“I have an amazing crystal-meth business. I just brought it in. It’s amazing how it dovetailed with the story.” —Bryan Cranston, on the similarities between him and his Breaking Bad character [Newsweek]

“If someone’s going to challenge me, yeah, the competition’s on. You’re getting ready to dance with the master. I can be asleep and totally awake at the same time. I’m at a whole other level, baby.” —Judah Friedlander, on his sleeping habits [NYP]

“It’s hard to say goodbye. Unless it’s a crappy experience, and then wrap parties are great, you can get drunk and tell everyone what you think of them, then go home and pretend you forgot everything you did the night before. In this case it was pretty bitter.” —Friday Night Lights’ Kyle Chandler [LAT]

“There’s the two good-looking rock ’n’ roll characters, and then there’s the nerd who’s hopeless with women. I don’t want to specify which of those I most closely relate to. I’ll let you figure that out.” —Stephen Merchant, on the characters in his and Ricky Gervais’ first feature film, Cemetery Junction [AV Club/Onion]

“Honestly … I say this to you so you can tell whoever it is you’ve got to tell, we all know it’s extremely personal, and it is for a woman to deal with things with her body, and especially when dealing with the idea of childbirth and all that stuff.” —Nick Cannon, addressing the Mariah Carey pregnancy rumors [Us]

“Just keep going with it in my mouth.” —Christina Applegate, on her pregnancy cravings [People]

“You need to be medicated.” —New Jersey housewife Caroline Manzo, to fellow housewife Teresa Giudice on part two of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special [Us]

“Yea, being one of the stars on an ensemble — as opposed to the guy who walks through a scene on “Alias” asking if people want calzones — was a big change for me.” —former Heroes star Greg Grunberg, on how the show affected the size of his fan base [PopWrap/NYP]

Bryan Cranston: Not Acting