Piranha 3D and 11 Memorable Murders Perpetrated by Sea Creatures
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Piranha 3D and 11 Memorable Murders Perpetrated by Sea Creatures

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Deep Blue Sea

So you manage to talk Samuel L. Jackson into starring in your attack-of-the-genetically-engineered-genius-sharks B-movie, and then you have the gall to kill him off first and the inventiveness to do it right while he's giving a totally convincing let's-rally-together-and-fight-back-against-the-genetically-engineered-genius-sharks speech? Simply put, the standard-bearer.
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Somewhat of a lost gem, Anaconda gets major points for reversing the traditional horror-movie formula: Ice Cube and J.Lo, the two minority characters, are the only ones who survive. Okay, now back to what really matters: a giant-ass snake having evil Jon Voight for lunch. Notice, and appreciate, the throat's-eye-view camera (seven minutes in).
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Shark Attack 3: Megalodon

It's safe to say someone spent too much money refurbishing the hot tub on the set of Shark Attack 2, because the budget for the franchise's third installment is so paltry the same poorly edited, proportionally illogical footage of a shark rising dramatically out of the water is used for nearly every kill scene. Counterintuitively, this makes Shark Attack 3: Megalodon an incredible movie.
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Lake Placid

When baiting 30-foot crocodile with speakers blasting the sound of baby crocodiles in distress, remember: keep one's head up and out of the direction of the water. (Six minutes in.)
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Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

Just ask Mega Shark's Debbie Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas: there are far worse ways to spend the twilight of your career than starring in movies where planes get chomped, mid-flight, by megasharks.
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The Beast

Were you disappointed the previous video did not feature the titular giant octopus? Take solace with The Beast: The 1996 made-for-TV movie stars a pre-CSI William Petersen doing a battle with a giant squid (close enough, right?). That means multiple shots of giant squid tentacles rising out of the water to wrap up Petersen's defenseless pals and drag them down to a giant squid lair. It's a little move known around these parts as the “Reverse Calamari.” (Four minutes, twenty seconds in).
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The Host

Seriously, you just saw a giant, horrifying, unidentifiable alienlike creature splash into the river, and now you're throwing cans and beer nuts at it? You all deserve to die.
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This is a 1977 movie about a terrifying vengeful killer whale. It's called Orca. You know what would have maybe been a better name for a movie about a terrifying vengeful killer whale? Killer Whale. Also, why does it do its killing via arm-biting? (Two minutes, 35 seconds in.)
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Deep Rising

Don't talk shit to monster sea worms. Don't do it. Don't. (One minute, fifteen seconds in.)
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Piranha 3D

Does this teaser trailer — in which Adam Scott gets just epically mowed by an airborne giant piranha — give away Piranha 3D's greatest moment? It doesn't really matter, because we now feel obligated to buy a $16 3-D ticket in order to find out. Well done, everyone involved. (Fourteen seconds in.)
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Don't front — this was, and is, terrifying. Happy ending, though! (One minute, 45 seconds in.)


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