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Teen Choice Awards Want to Be a Bit Sexier

Fox’s Teen Choice Awards airs tomorrow night, equipped with “a set that resembles a dance club, and a house DJ.” In previous years, merely Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers guaranteed “screaming 13-year-olds” would tune into the broadcast, said executive producer Bob Bain. But these days, “There are troughs in the middle of those waves where you have to appeal to a larger portion of the teenage spectrum.” These are the people watching Jersey Shore that you need to attract here!

Last year, Cyrus fired up the press when she did a little pole dance during her performance, and Bain would love to have another one of those spontaneous, if outrageous, occurrences.

So basically, they booked Katy Perry and they’re hoping for something provocative. “It’s a let-your-hair-down experience,” he says. “It’s not like your getting an Oscar.” With girl-on-girl action as practically the status quo for TV performances these days, the bar is set high.

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Teen Choice Awards Want to Be a Bit Sexier