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The DVD Queue: Lost! Gossip Girl! Titanic II! (Yes, Really, Titanic II!)

Let Lost: The Complete Collection break your geeky heart all over again.
In this extraordinarily weak August week for movies, Lost: The Complete Collection presents a unique dilemma: There’s almost nothing else to watch in theaters, so do you lock yourself inside and give the show another chance? Even though you likely hated the wretched, deflating finale (even if Matthew Fox thinks you loved it), do you give this show one more chance? And, if so, do you spend $279.99 on the Blu-ray edition (though, honestly, you can find it for much less than its list price online)? As you might expect, the set is packed to the gills with extras, but luckily, quite a few are already out there: Here’s a blooper reel, a Squirrel Baby tribute, and the much-debated epilogue. You can read all our obsessive coverage here.

Skip the DVD extras on Gossip Girl: The Complete Third Season.
This DVD set of the third season of the Most Important Show of Our Time includes some bizarre extras, including the Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” video, and “A Gossip Girl Fabulous Affair: Throwing a party Gossip Girl–style.” A much better companion to the series is our insanely comprehensive coverage.

Brace yourself for Ajami.
“The Israeli-Palestinian ensemble drama Ajami is thoroughly polarized and amazingly un-polarizing,” wrote David Edelstein in his review. “No matter which side you’re on, the brutality will make you sick. Co-directed by an Israeli Jew, Yaron Shani, and a Palestinian Arab, Scandor Copti, the film is a tapestry of tragedies that skips between Tel Aviv and the Palestinian territories. Rash acts of violence lead to rash retaliations, which lead to even more pointless blowbacks. It’s not a one-to-one, eye-for-an-eye ratio: The homicidal rage is rather amorphous. Shani and Copti invert the narrative so that you see the carnage first. Palestinian and Israeli parents weep over dead children whose only guilt was by association — until it hits you that every interaction in the movie, from the testy to the murderous, is based on guilt by association.”

Act like Homer and sit on the couch with The Simpsons: The Complete Thirteenth Season.
The one bad thing about cutting off your cable and using the Internet to watch all your television? That it’s more difficult to veg out in front of the couch to Simpsons reruns. This DVD set fixes that. See artist Matt Smith re-create every Simpsons chalkboard scene here.

Yes, someone really made Titanic II.
Really, this exists. This time, it’s not just an iceberg: It’s a tsunami that pushes an iceberg into the Titanic II. The tagline? “100 Years Later: Lightning Strikes Twice.” B-listers Bruce Davison and Brooke Burns star. Watch the trailer here.

Also out this week:
George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead; City Island; The Back-Up Plan; Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg; NCIS: The Seventh Season; Dorian Gray; Abandoned; The Universe: Our Solar System; The Square; 90210: The Second Season.

The DVD Queue: Lost! Gossip Girl! Titanic II! (Yes, Really, Titanic II!)