The Best TV-Recap Comments of the Week

Once again, we engaged in our favorite weekly ritual of reading your comments on our recaps. And, once again, we engaged in our new favorite ritual — picking out our favorites! Check below to see if your insights made the cut, and keep up the commenting for next week!

Mad Men:

• Two interesting theories I’ve heard, that I’m not sure I believe, are that Joan was actually a prostitute, putting herself through college in the flashback (fancy dress, daytime liason), and that Don tricked Roger into hiring him (he never said ‘welcome aboard,’ he was just too drunk to remember that). Either way, I loved that he discovered Joan and Don in the same episode. I think Joan was obviously the better find. —trickwhitman

• Don totally did not get hired by Roger; he just snuck right in and did a George Costanza to go to work there. Why does Jon Hamm do that weird facial expression when he’s playing ‘younger?’ Like he’s happy/surprised? So odd. Doesn’t help you man. —chismosa

True Blood:

• For those saying that Tara should be over Eggs, the dude died less than two weeks ago. This entire season has covered only ten days or so (I was doing okay keeping count until the last couple of episodes). If they keep going at this rate, Arlene will give birth at the end of season twelve. —nelsphighberg

• It’s as if the writers sit in their writerly room and ask themselves “Yeah, plot, nakedness, glowering, Tennessee Williams, The South, blah blah blah. What’s in the newspapers and how can we exploit via a ham-handed metaphor? A David O Russell take on abortion and some Jay Mariotti moralizing about PEDs? Okay, let’s save that for the penultimate episode. Oh and last thing, let’s write some good shit for Denis O’Hare to say. —dboonoggle


• The only reason I am still watching this show is because there is nothing else on, and my DVD player is broken, and I have not got around to buying a new one yet. The main problem is that the writers have no knowledge of the basic spy books out there. Will is followed each time by ONE person, who walks 20 feet behind him. Now think about the scene in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy when Jim Prideaux is in Czechoslovakia. He is being followed, not just by one person, but by exchanging agents (he realizes that they are following him by looking at their shoes, the only thing they cannot change quickly in the cold). Or when Smiley is talking to Toby about being followed. If the British/Czechoslovakian spy agencies have enough money to have groups of agents, shouldn’t the US be able to do the same? It is way too obvious. And don’t get me started about Will’s grade school explanation of terrorist structures to his boss. —mbattle

Jersey Shore:

• JWOWW was giving her WoW’s a choice, I thought: You can get anothuh boob lift, you can get anothuh boob lift, or you can get anothuh boob lift. Or your ass beat. —wallfly

• There’s something about how they recognize their own fame and being out of the Jersey Shore that just absolutely KILLED the whole thing for me. Switching locales was a horrid idea. Also, when they were donning flip-flops and outfits from Wal-mart, there was a genuine sweetness and authenticity about their raw hunger to get into these clubs. It was like “fist pumping” and “grinding” on the dance floor was their little bit of beautiful, warm sunshine. They were like that kid from Iowa who gets invited to the Oscars because he won the essay contest in the local paper. It was endearing and genuinely hilarious to watch them soak it all in. This is just like watching another sad bunch of ding-dongs who pretend that they don’t want to be on TMZ get drunk and fall down. If I wanted that, I would just follow Lindsay Lohan on Twitter. —rebeccarose2004

Project Runway:

• After this episode, I think it’s impossible to love Tim Gunn more. Marry me, Tim Gunn, marry me! And let’s just remember this: Tim sees all of Gretchen sans editing. No matter how much of a “b*tch” Irina seemed, Tim never ever lost it like in this episode, which seems to tell me, by logical deduction, that Irina is just someone made to be a b*tch by editing, while Gretchen is the real satan in a Sunday hat. —binkybinky

• Getting yelled at by Tim Gunn is like getting yelled at by Jesus… —Entropygrl

Top Chef:

• I have never seen a collection of people so utterly befuddled by food on a skewer. It is seriously the most basic, primitive form of eating (aka stabbing a piece of food with something sharp so you can pick it up and put it in your mouth). Eric Ripert looked so dumbstruck, I thought he was going to stab his own eye out before he figured out how to eat that thing. Is this really that complicated? Really, Ripert? You can debone a sardine blindfolded with a thumbtack but you can’t handle food on a stick? Really?? —rebeccarose2004

• But at least Amanda is gone. If I had to continue hearing her drawn-out, eight-second enunciation per syllable, I would have had to sous-vide my own head until it was the color of her botched tuna. —fthechef

Rescue Me:

• My friend thinks that it’s really Tommy who is dead, he died in 9/11, and this stories are what would have happened if he lived. —omama

The Best TV-Recap Comments of the Week