Who Are You People Who Are Interested in Ghostbusters 3?

Why is there still interest in a new Ghostbusters movie? A new rumor has Ivan Reitman directing a new movie that features baby Oscar, who was apparently Dana Barrett (Signorney Weaver) and Peter Venkman’s (Bill Murray) kid, as a 21-year-old taking over the family business. What, you need them to cast Shia LeBouf as Oscar before you’ll realize where this is going?

There is absolutely no good reason for this movie to exist, and that’s why it probably never will. Yet the internet loves excitedly talking about it because the internet doesn’t know what it wants. Let me make it clear: YOU DON’T WANT THIS.

This movie would be a sad, forced update to a couple of classic movies, something that tries to recreate a comedy scene that no longer exists. Rather than coming up with an original idea, like Ghostbusters was back in 82, they’re just figuring that they could make some cash getting the gang back together so all the 30-year-old guys who own the DVDs will toss another $13 their way.

And really, it probably isn’t happening anyways. Bill Murray has said it isn’t happening, and he has no reason to do it at this point in his career. Not to mention the fact that this rumor also claims that Rick Moranis is going to come out of retirement in order to be in this movie. Rick Moranis seems like a pretty smart guy. Why would he want to come out of retirement for this?

But who knows. It could actually get made, and writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky could figure out a way to have this stand on its own as a funny movie that’s more than just some jokey references to the original and some out-of-place special effects (Ghostbusters 3D, anyone?). That would be great! But I doubt it.

Who Are You People Who Are Interested in Ghostbusters […]