Will Dustin Hoffman Rescue Little Fockers?

Well-placed Universal and agency sources both say that the studio is exploring an unexpected option to fix its troubled Meet the Parents sequel Little Fockers — it’s looking into whether Dustin Hoffman might consider a last-minute reprise of his role as Bernie Focker in an effort to funny-up the comedy, which has already wrapped production.

We’d been hearing as much even before Deadline Hollywood moved a story earlier this week in which unnamed Universal sources acknowledged that, while the movie had had its problems, only “pick up” shots — the small, relatively easy tweaks filmed after the close of principal photography to augment scenes already in the can — were needed; there would be no reshooting entire scenes; it would be “fixed in post,” as the saying goes.

Now Vulture hears that there’s a chance that Little Fockers may actually go back into production: Talks are well under way to see if Hoffman would be willing to return to shoot new scenes, but are a bit complicated by the fact that he’s starring in David Milch and Michael Mann’s new HBO series Luck, an organized-crime drama set in the world of horse-racing.

We’ll keep you posted. (See what we did there? “Posted”? Horse-racing? Hey, maybe we could help save this movie, too!)

Will Dustin Hoffman Rescue Little Fockers?