30 rock

The Many Facial Expressions of Kenneth the Page

Way back in the first season of 30 Rock, Frank called Kenneth the Page a blank slate, after the rest of the TGS crew were unable to read him during a game of cards. But that may be the only time the guileless assistant to all has proven inscrutable: With his face ricocheting from giddy to wise to confused to slightly less giddy, he is so expressive that he could serve as a tutorial for martians attempting to understand human emotions. In case you are that martian (or just a 30 Rock fan), click through our handy gallery of the roller coaster of Kenneth’s many faces.

Who wouldn’t be giddy at the prospect of eternal servility at an intern’s wage?
You can tell when he’s been given a particularly challenging task, as his eyes get slightly crazed with an eagerness to please.
Every person who comes in is another person who’s not leaving!
Sometimes it’s deflating to be around people who can’t grasp your OshKosh B’gosh–infused sagacity.
Remember in Last of the Mohicans when Daniel Day-Lewis said, “You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you”? Why didn’t they cast Kenneth instead of that hack?
He’s like Confucius with a name tag.
Over-the-counter drugs give Kenneth a sense of superiority.
“Brain? Are you up there? I can see you, so get to work!”
Like a lioness guarding her cub, Kenneth is willing to get tough when lives are at stake, or his page jacket is threatened.
Sometimes you have to look heavenward to answer the big questions: Whither the glue gun?
A man of simple pleasures and mind, new and unexpected experiences can cause an utter mental shutdown.
Fingers are the guns of the hand, and thus quite a frightening thing to behold.
Caffeine: just one of the many evil temptations of the big city.
Just when he thinks he’s seen and heard every heathen way, something comes along that’s just a little more heathener.
The Many Facial Expressions of Kenneth the Page