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Leap Day William, Lizzing, Mind Grapes, and Beyond: A 30 Rock Glossary

Do you speak 30 Rock? We don’t mean, can you talk about whether Kenneth was funny in last week’s episode; we mean, can you use “thoughtsicles” in a sentence? Over four seasons, Tina Fey and company have introduced so many new terms and names of fake products that have wormed their way into our lexicon: As “Yada yada yada” was to the nineties, “blerg” is to the 21st century. We’ve compiled a glossary of the many phrases, terms, products and cut-rate Mexican snack foods coined on 30 Rock, and we’ll be adding to the list as new words appear in season five. And as always, let us know what we missed!

Adultaraisin: Tracy’s Ben and Jerry’s flavor

awes: helpful shorthand for those who don’t have time to say the whole word “awesome”

The Black Crusaders: group of powerful and influential African-Americans who are trying to put a stop to Tracy’s career

Black Frasier: BET’s reworking of Frasier, which Toofer wrote for before moving on to TGS

blerg: expression of frustration or defeat; derived from the name of a difficult-to-assemble Ikea product

Bottoms-Up Day: annual event at NBC in which the senior VPs do the work of the lowest-level employees for a full day

the bubble: the world in which beautiful people live where they are protected from all criticism and all of life’s unpleasantries and never get a true sense of their actual limitations

By the Hammer of Thor!: exclamation; alternative to “goddamn it,” “confound it all,” or “by the beard of Zeus”

the C-word: stands for “Cranky Sue,” the worst name you can call a woman

Cheesy Blasters: the number-one selling food in America outside of New York City. Its jingle describes its ingredients: “You take a hot dog, stuff it with some jack cheese, fold it in a pizza, you got Cheesy Blasters.” (also see: Meatcat)

The Cleve: Cleveland, Ohio, the most perfect city in America

dealbreaker: flaws in a romantic partner that cannot be overlooked

EGOT: the combination of winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony; the highest peak an actor can attain

Fun Cooker: 1) a portable microwave named by Kenneth, originally called the biteNUKER. 2) Tracy Jordan’s slang for his ass

gangway for the footcycle!: a British alert to look out for an approaching bicycle

Goregasm: The Legend of Dongslayer: first successful melding of video games and pornography

Greenzo: NBC’s short-lived environmental mascot

hill-people milk: alcohol, as often given to children in the hills of Georgia

Horseville: pun; home for naysayers

“I want to go to there”: an expression of yearning for a feeling, place, or situation

jack: to vomit after being overcome with joy

Jackie Jormp-Jomp: NBC/Universal’s unlicensed Janis Joplin biopic starring Jenna

jagweed: douchebag

Japanese porn star diet: weight-loss technique used by Jenna, in which you can only eat paper, but you can eat all the paper you want

KDate: singles’ section of the Kraft Foods website, of which Liz is a member

Los Amantes Clandestinos: popular Spanish-language soap opera featuring the evil character “The Generalissimo,” who bears a remarkable similarity to Jack; watched religiously by Alisa’s grandmother

lemon: to self-sabotage

lizzing: laughing and urinating (or “whizzing”) at the same time, especially during moments of overpowering joy or hilarity

Ludachristmas: TGS writers’ annual Christmas party

Meatcat: the Cheesy Blasters mascot who flies away on a skateboard at the end of the Cheesy Blasters advertisement

Menendez: act of snapping and killing one’s father, as in “pulling a”

MILF Island: One of NBC’s most successful reality shows, and Jack’s brainchild.

mind grapes: brain matter, to be squeezed for ideas

“Muffin Top”: single by Jenna that soared to the top of the charts in Israel and reached No. 4 in Belgium

Musings: name of Tracy’s Ebony magazine column

Myirt!: synonym for “damn it”

nerds!: expression of resignation

page-off: a battle to settle the most serious of page disagreements

Party Town, U.S.A.: something celebratory that is off the hook

People’s Gaypublic of Drugafornia: San Francisco, California

The Rural Juror: difficult-to-pronounce independent movie based on a novel by Kevin Grisham (John’s brother), starring Jenna

Sabor de Soledad: Mexican bargain cheese puffs that can cause false positives in pregnancy tests

Sandwich Day: the greatest day of the year, when the TGS teamsters get sandwiches for the rest of the cast and crew from their super secret sandwich store.

scrumped: to have been the victim of a scam

shark farts: expression of frustration or defeat

sharking: pulling down a woman’s tube top while your friend videotapes it for posterity

shut it down: expression meant to halt something foolish

silver panther: the most handsome animal, as per Jack

singles fart repression: Liz’s term for wine and cheese tastings

sun tea: Frank’s jarred urine

Super Computer: a failed NBC series from 1975

thoughtsicles: ideas

Tracy Jordan’s filmography: includes Black Caveman, Black Cop White Cop, A Blaffair to Rememblack, Cruise Boat, Death Bank, Fat Bitch, Honky Grandma Be Trippin’, President Homeboy, Samurai I-Am-Awry, Sherlock Homie, Who Dat Ninja

The Tracy Jordan Meat Machine: unsafe GE cooking product endorsed by Tracy

Twig and Plums: Princeton secret society, of which Jack was a member

twist!: act of throwing a situation or person for a loop

Urban Fervor: the sequel to Rural Juror

vondruke: Franco-Dutch slur used by Sue, meaning “bitch”

“Werewolf Bar Mitvzvah”: Tracy’s gold record about a land where boys become men and men become wolves

What the what: TV-friendly version of “what the fuck”

whuck: truncated version of “what the fuck”

wordplay!: exclamation used to underline a pun

ya burnt!: expression used to connote victory in a encounter; similar to “in your face”


Lizzing, Mind Grapes, and More: 30 Rock Glossary