As an Actor, Andrew Garfield Is Still ‘at the Mercy of Foolish People’

We don’t think his looks have ever been the problem.

Andrew Garfield, the tall, handsome, skinny next Spider-Man, is trying very hard to stay humble! While promoting Never Let Me Go, he was asked if it will be difficult to return to small films after becoming arguably the most anticipated superhero onscreen.

No, I don’t think so. I haven’t thought about it like that, not at all. I just like acting. Maybe that’s naïve. If I was going into something with the wrong intentions, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.I don’t know if we achieved it [while filming Never Let Me Go], but I know everyone’s intention was the same: We all just wanted to honor [the author’s] story. And I want to honor the Spider-Man mythology, because I feel the same way. My attitude is very similar. Size doesn’t really come into it.

Then, when asked if he could actually bring awareness to smaller films by being a big star who still acts in them, he got lost in a sea of his own insecurities:

That’s not my job. I have to be working. That’s all. There are so many talented people — much more talented than I am — that I know who aren’t working. Actors are at the mercy of other people — sometimes foolish people — because their eyebrows are too big. I’m talking about myself. Or they’re too skinny, or they’re too lean, or they’re too in perfect shape, or their jawline is too attractive, or their too flabby. God, it’s death out there, man! It’s tough.

Hang in there, Spider-man!

Andrew Garfield Talks to Movieline About Never Let Me Go, Spider-Man, and ‘Death Around the Corner’ [Movieline]

As an Actor, Andrew Garfield Is Still ‘at the Mercy of Foolish People’