Billy Crystal Returning to Movies with His City Slickers Crew

Other than providing voices in animated films such as Cars and Howl’s Moving Castle, Billy Crystal hasn’t done much movie work in the past few years. But he’s getting back together with writers Lowell Gantz and Babaloo Mandel, with whom he wrote City Slickers, to make Us & Them, a new comedy due out next year.

The director is Andy Fickman, who’s directed such classics as She’s the Man and Race to Witch Mountain, and the synopsis sounds like it could get a little maudlin (“Crystal plays a grandfather charged with caring for his grandchildren for a week, who is confronted by the generational shift in parenting and the need to reconcile with his daughter.”). But hey, it’s Billy Crystal, so I’m gonna give it the benefit of the doubt.

Billy Crystal Returning to Movies with His City […]