Blake Lively’s Breast Looks

Every once in a while, a celebrity comes along that has a distinctive “look,” a hair or a clothing style that, in time, comes to be associated with them. Think Diane Keaton and pantsuits, Anna Wintour and her bob, Isabella Blow and her hats, Kriss Kross and their backwards pants, Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez and her condom glasses, and so on. And now: Blake Lively and her boobs. The 23-year-old Gossip Girl actress has been lauded for her long, blonde, charmingly wild hair, but the assets Lively flaunts most flamboyantly are not on her head: They’re on her chest. Clearly, Lively, who has said she does not employ a stylist, is trying to make Abundant Cleave her look. And why not? They look real, and they’re pretty spectacular. And thus, we present a slideshow of Blake and her leading ladies — now updated with dozens of new photos!

Blake’s breasts started appearing as supporting characters in season one of Gossip Girl. Here they are, attending the wedding of Lily and Bart Bass.
After Serena van der Woodsen wore this dress to the Dean’s house, is it any wonder she got into Yale ?
Later, Blake would learn that shirts, even low-cut breezy ones like this, are unnecessary when you are wearing a blazer. Duh.
Even her spectacular hair, in this picture, seems to know that it shouldn’t get in front of Blake’s, well, front.
This dress reminds us of oranges.
Blake was invited back to the ‘Late Show’ for a second time just a few months later. The dress was never allowed to leave in the first place.
Every once in a while, freckles mysteriously appear in the rockiest areas of Blake’s physical terrain. Just when you would spot them, though, they’d disappear again. It is almost as if she is physically dominating the Lindsay Lohan in her that is desperate to express itself. And thank goodness.
One of Blake’s favorite looks: A long dress that spontaneously erupts at the top into a burst of cleavage. It’s kind of like an opposite-mullet: Kirsten Dunst on the bottom, Salma Hayek on top.
The photographer had Blake cover one eye out of respect for the breast that was forced to recede into the background in this shot.
Scientists (us) believe this dress is held up by the sheer force of Blake’s mighty bosom.
The Germans have ten words for breasts, all of which were heard the night of the Berlin film festival.
Many wondered whether Blake’s breasts would be given their own seat at New York Fashion Week. They were certainly given their own parachutes.
Sometimes Blake’s breasts seem angry at being exploited.
Other times they look like they are being punished.
Sometimes they play peekaboo.
Blake’s dress at this event prompted Esquire to declare that she was no longer a girl, but a woman. This was also the first time we have seen evidence that her breasts have an underside.
Later that same night, Blake changed dresses, but her breasts stayed out. It’s rumored that they were out long after she was. (Also: You can see, more and more, that her hair has given up completely.)
I dress just like Serena,” Blake, here in character, has said. So do her boobs.
Stylists at Marie Claire tried to subdue Blake’s cleavage with a powerful bra and a cardigan, but in the end they gave up. Some things are too big to fight.
Blake tentatively tried out the no-shirt-under-jacket look in September 2009.
Before going for it full-throttle at her premiere Sunday night. Move aside, Robin Wright.
This is what they look like when they want to be ironic.
We don’t want to embarrass anyone, but when this costume was worn during figure-skating competition at the Winter Olympics, it did not look like this.
Several attendants were kept on hand during the filming of this scene, lest Blake drop a raisin in her cleavage.
You’d think that Blake’s breasts would distract you from her acting. But much like Blake’s co-star Chace Crawford, Blake’s breasts have learned a lot about the Craft as the show has progressed. Here they are, looking surprised and hurt.
They know you can’t just go around chewing up scenery. Speaking of which — let’s take some acting lessons from Blake’s Breasts for a minute. See, in the next few slides, how they (alongside Blake’s Face) emote.
Wallace Shawn taught them that.
The breasts barely had to act in this scene. It’s not hard to act irritated with a string of cold pearls tickling you at all times.
Of course, they’re best when they have backup.
Her breasts can tell you that.
They were basically okay with it.
They can be divalike sometimes.
Or at least complement them.
Is that they look amazing even when they’re exhausted.
Blake Lively’s Breast Looks