Tonight’s Community Takes a Jab at CBS and Its $#*!

On tonight’s season premiere of NBC’s Community, one of the subplots has Troy (Donald Glover) launching a shitmydadsays-like Twitter feed called “oldwhitemansays” that reports all of Pierce’s (Chevy Chase) outlandish and oft-racist remarks. (Follow the real fake feed here.) Unlike most of the pop-culture references that fly around this show, this one is grounded in a months-old grudge. Not against the shit-ty Twitter feed, creator Dan Harmon tells us, but against the $#*!-ty network that made the sitcom based on it (which also premieres tonight).

“It’s a petty handful of sand I’m throwing at CBS,” he says. “At the upfront, when they announced they were moving Big Bang Theory to Thursday, the quote [from executives at the network] that really hurt my little Midwestern feelings had something to do with, ‘Yeah, we’re not too worried, because nobody’s really setting the world on fire Thursdays at eight.’ So I put it on a Post-It note on my brain, and decided: I’m gonna put a bag of dog poop on CBS’s porch and set it on fire.”

In addition to parodying $#*! throughout the half-hour, one of the final scenes — most mild spoiler alert ever — features the characters scoffing at Pierce for proposing a TV show based on Troy’s Twitter feed. Now that he’s taken his digs, Harmon is ready to make up before this whole thing turns into Kanye-Taylor II. “We’re cool,” he says. “If they wanna call it even, I’m good. We’ve said some things we probably regret, but I’m ready to be friends.”


Tonight’s Community Takes a Jab at CBS and Its $#*!