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Danny Trejo Honored Not to Have to Wear Tights

“It’s an honor to be the first Latino superhero. And I didn’t have to wear tights, and I didn’t have a Daddy-hates-me complex.” —Danny Trejo [LAT]

“He described it as: ‘You’re going to have a sex scene with yourself.’ And I thought that was very interesting, because this movie is in so many ways an exploration of an artist’s ego and that narcissistic sort of attraction to yourself and also repulsion with yourself.” —Natalie Portman, on her conversations with Darren Aronofsky about her lesbian love scene in The Black Swan [People]

“I’ve always said that my career walks a tightrope between early-morning children’s programming and hardcore porn.” —Gilbert Gottfried [AV Club/Onion]

“You want to get close to me?” —Justin Bieber, at Tuesday night’s Madison Square Garden show, “before getting strapped into a heart-shaped cage and floating out above the crowd, a pair of cameras on cranes swirling around him” [NYT]

“So when I’m not playing a character that is huffing glue and eating cat food and sleeping in my long underwear with Danny DeVito, I’m a relatively hard-working, serious guy.” —Charlie Day [LAT]

“The hottest, sexiest, young male movie stars — who are they really, how do they live, how do they cope? … There’s also my favorite comedians and how they come up with their material, how are they so talented and verbose and so fantastic?” —potential subjects for Martha Stewart’s potential new interview show [NYP]

“He’s still dead. When he comes back, rolls away the rock, I’ll let you know.” —Joyce Brabner, widow of comic book-writer Harvey Pekar, played by Hope Davis in the movie American Splendor [NYT]

“When we were together, [Kelsey] thought it would be good for basically the country and women out there to know who his wife really is.” —Camille Grammer, Kelsey’s ex-wife and a cast member on Bravo’s new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills [NYDN]

“I was at the police station filing this report and the police officer’s trying to figure out who these guys are and I kind of looked at him and shrugged my shoulders and said, ‘It’s never a hot chick.’ And he just kind of stared at me.” —True Blood star Joe Manganiello, who has been plagued by the wrong kind of stalkers [NYDN]

Danny Trejo Honored Not to Have to Wear Tights