Bono’s Spidey and Batman Songs Sound Alike

This is really going to happen! On Good Morning America two hours ago, Reeve Carney, star of Broadway’s upcoming $50 million Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, performed “Boy Falls From the Sky” from the show (tickets are on sale tomorrow, by the way). And it was good! The track is fun, catchy, and unmistakably a U2 song. Actually, one U2 song in particular …

You can watch Carney performing “Boy” above. Notice the guitar riff that introduces the chorus, right around the 1:28 mark. Haven’t we heard that somewhere before? Oh yeah:

That’s the video for U2’s “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” from 1995’s Batman Forever soundtrack. Note the riff that kicks off that song’s chorus, near the 68-second mark. Pretty similar, right? Or are we nuts? Does Bono think all superheroes sound the same?

Either way, who cares! The Spider-Man musical is actually happening! Probably!

Bono’s Spidey and Batman Songs Sound Alike