Evil Jay Leno Acts In Evil Way to Pure and True-Hearted Conan Staffer

Something that definitely happened, via The National Enquirer:

Driving toward the Burbank studio where he shoots The Tonight Show, JAY LENO spotted a woman pulled over on the side of the road looking helplessly at a flat tire.Ex-mechanic/car buff Jay, known for playing Good Samaritan to stalled motorists, stopped and changed the poor thing’s tire, and she thanked him profusely - then fretted she’d probably be late for work.Asked Jay: “Where do you work?” Suddenly looking trapped, the lady blurted: “I’m a production assistant on…the new CONAN O’BRIEN show.”After an awkward pause, Jay said: “Well, tell Conan I’ll be watching!” Then off he motored in a snazzy classic jalopy, waving buh-bye!

Why, I never! [via]

Evil Jay Leno Acts In Evil Way to Pure and […]