Forbes List of Top-Earning Comedians Makes Me Question Liking Comedians

Forbes, a magazine which I’m pretty sure only produces lists of various types of rich people and expensive things at this point, just released it’s list of top-earning comedians for the year. Now, they say it’s top-earning comedians, at the top of which would be people like Jerry Seinfeld and Conan O’Brian. But instead, this is a list of top-earning working stand-ups who earn their money from touring. And man, guys, it’s kind of ugly.

1. Jeff Dunham

2. Dane Cook

3. Terry Fator

4. Chelsea Handler

5. George Lopez

6. Larry the Cable Guy

7. Russell Peters

8. Tie: Jeff Foxworthy and Howie Mandel

10. Bill Engvall

Comedy nerds, say hello to your new gods. But not really, as the super-limited scope of this list pretty much seeks out guys like Terry Fator, who has a whopping five-year, $100 million deal to do his puppet comedy in Vegas. When you cut out anyone making money from TV shows or movies, you’re gonna get a specific type of comedian. And hey, I guess there’s nothing wrong with that. Enjoy your money, Jeff Dunham. As long as you’re confined to comedy clubs in the midwest and are not on my TV, you can do whatever the fuck you want. [via]

Forbes List of Top-Earning Comedians Makes Me Question […]