Help Name Kevin James’s Mixed Martial Arts Movie

Your prayers have been answered: Sony just green-lit a new movie in which money-printing Paul Blart star Kevin James will play a high-school teacher who takes a second job as a ninja, reports Deadline’s Mike Fleming. Here is the film’s totally plausible-seeming premise:

James is attached to play a physics teacher whose school faces drastic cutbacks. In an attempt to save his best friend’s job and the music program his students love, he moonlights in the octagon as a mixed martial arts fighter, ultimately leading to brawling in the UFC.

The only problem: This thing is still without a title. So what should it be? Enter the Laggard? Crouching Tiger Schlubby Dragon? Have a better idea? You know where to leave it.

SPE Puts Chokehold On Kevin James Mixed Martial Arts Pic [Deadline]

Help Name Kevin James’s Mixed Martial Arts Movie