How Much of a Chance Will You Give to Running Wilde?

Running Wilde should be great, right? It was created by Mitchell Hurwitz, the guy behind Arrested Development, and it stars Will Arnett and David Cross from that same show. It then tosses in Keri Russell, which is fine, and Peter Serafinowicz, which is great. So we should all be on board with it.

But here’s the problem: it’s gotten pretty much universally bad reviews, at least for the first couple episodes. So are you willing to stick with it longer than you would otherwise based on the people behind it?

A lot of shows take a few episodes to find their groove, and one would almost expect a show from Hurwitz to need some time to build up enough material to make callbacks to.

But Running Wilde has had issues for a while now, with a pilot not many people seemed to like having to be reshot and major characters recast and rewritten in time to get to air. And now that they’ve done that, the critics haven’t been much kinder to the new version.

So what if you watch the first episode tonight and really don’t like it? How long will you give Hurwitz and co. to get this thing humming? Is it reasonable to expect a show as wonderful as Arrested Development? Are our expectations just too high to enjoy anything Hurwitz is working on now (other than that damned AD movie, of course)?

Hurwitz has certainly earned the benefit of the doubt. But with an almost overwhelming number of shows and movies coming out every week competing for our time, it’s going to need to get good quickly in order to keep people’s attention, no matter who made it.

How Much of a Chance Will You Give to Running Wilde?