How The Office Will Handle Carell’s Departure This Season

There’s been lots of speculation about who’s going to be replacing Steve Carell when he leaves The Office this year, and while we still have no real idea who it’s going to be, The Hollywood Reporter has a bunch of info on just how this season is going to work leading up to his departure.

For instance, one episode this fall will highlight Andy (Ed Helms), who’s starring in a Scranton community theater production of “Sweeney Todd.” Another will have Darryl (Craig Robinson) going over Michael’s head on a matter to corporate and will showcase the character’s ambitious side. An episode will detail Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) getting their baby baptized. Still another will give Toby (Paul Lieberstein) some focus when Michael is forced to attend mandatory counseling with his HR nemesis.

The plan is to set up who the replacement is going to be by the end of the season, with NBC predictably milking the uncertainty with online polls and other such promotions. The first half of the season will “celebrate Carell’s final year and highlight different actors on the show, potential heirs to the throne.” The second half will be dedicated to Michael leaving and figuring out who his replacement is going to be.

One positive aspect of this change for the show is that the writers see this as a way to give the show new momentum, which it could use at this point, rather than something that’s going to kill the show. And it certainly is going to give them a lot of interesting stuff to deal with that doesn’t revolve around Jim and Pam’s relationship.

How The Office Will Handle Carell’s Departure This […]