Will Kanye West and Taylor Swift Interact at the VMAs?

Last week, Kanye West tweeted a lengthy apology to Taylor Swift for the time he interrupted her MTV Video Music Award speech, and then he announced that he’s written her a beautiful song! Seemingly kindhearted Swift, however, is apparently not so forgiving, says a loudmouthed friend:

“It’s just another insult that this fool thinks she would sing a song he wrote,” a friend of Taylor’s said. “His ego is out of control. If anything, Kanye should be singing a song that Taylor wrote, not the other way around. As far as Taylor is concerned, he can take his song and shove it.”

Okay, who is this friend? In any case, the two are likely to cross paths tomorrow at the MTV VMAs, the very place West stage-bombed Swift one year ago. Some fans are hoping for a duet, but VMAs producer Jesse Ignjatovic told the AP today that that is simply not going to happen. So will they hug it out? Or will she give him the cold shoulder? The VMAs do love to surprise us!

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Will Kanye West and Taylor Swift Interact at the VMAs?