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Italian Press Gives Eat Pray Love Two Thumbs Down

Even though the first third of the movie glamorizes Italy as an impossibly romantic destination (with an endless supply of pasta and wine), Eat Pray Love has been ripped apart by the Italian press this weekend after the film opened there last week.

“The only thing missing in Julia’s Rome is the mandolin,” the daily La Repubblica wrote on Saturday. “It rains spaghetti, the Italians are always gesticulating and following foreign girls shouting vulgarities but then getting engaged to a nice housewife to please their domineering mothers, all this under the sign of ‘dolce far niente.’”

The daily La Stampa resorted to name-calling, deeming the film “kitsch” and critiquing the way in which Italy is typically characterized in American cinema.

“That’s the way they like us in the United States, dark, boisterous, uninhibited; we’ve always known that, but this time the effect is beyond the limits.”

And proving that they really hated the movie (in case it wasn’t clear), not even arguably the one awesome part of the movie - Javier Bardem - was spared: Il Messagero complained, “Watching the glorious Bardem playing the Latin lover in a film like this really hurts.”

Hey Italy, do we at least get some credit for the fact that our critics weren’t all that into the movie, either?

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Italian Press Gives Eat Pray Love Two Thumbs Down