John Hodgman Filming Talk Show Pilot for HBO, World Rejoices

THE THEME OF THIS PARTICULAR PROGRAM is “JOCKS vs. NERDS,” the culture war of our time, and a subject that you know I have been thinking about for some time now, and also talking about with the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.IN THIS CASE, the “NERD” shall be played by me, John Hodgman, and the “JOCK” shall be played by the New York Jet, NICK MANGOLD, as I confront all of my deepest fears (humiliation/being punched/Nick Mangold) and attempted to learn from him the virtues of jock culture and the rules of football.

Well this is exciting news! The beloved author, comical spokesperson and Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman is shooting a pilot for HBO in New York a week from tomorrow. It will be titled Good Evening, My Name Is John Hodgman. To be shot and directed by Spike Jonze and Lance Bangs, it will be a talk/variety show, and it sounds wonderful:Want to attend? Here are the details:

APPROPRIATELY, this shall all take place in the MAGNIFICENTLY HUGE ATHLETIC PALACE known as the 168th Street Armory/National Track and Field Hall of Fame in Washington Heights, which is a beautiful space to look at and run around in, but somewhat difficult to light, and that is why we will be meeting at 4PM. (YOU MUST BE ABLE TO ARRIVE AT 3PM)LUCKILY: attendance is FREE OF CHARGE and EASY TO ARRANGE. If you would like tickets, all you need to do is email your name, email, phone, and number of tickets required to jhodgmantickets @ You will then receive a confirmation email with all the details.IF YOU FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER, then additionally you should say so, and when you check in for the show, you shall learn that you have received not only SPECIAL CONSIDERATION but also A SPECIAL SURPRISE that I cannot discuss further at this time.


John Hodgman Filming Talk Show Pilot for HBO, World […]