Justin Bieber Is Above the Law

The world’s No. 1 prepubescent pop star has already demonstrated a streak of antiauthoritarianism so strong — back when he brazenly supported his briefly imprisoned manager with verbal and T-shirt support — it’d make John Mellencamp proud. But Bieber’s latest brush with the law proves he not only lacks respect for our boys in blue, but that within the rarefied superstar air he breathes, he is simply beyond their jurisdiction. MTV reports on a recent dastardly water-ballooning incident:

Sources explain that the cops were ready to punish Bieber after a Maryland State Trooper was pelted with a water balloon, courtesy of the “Baby” singer. Bieber retreated to his trailer, while his bodyguard stepped in and handled the situation before it turned into anything serious. The source adds that Bieber had been practicing with the balloons for some time before he hit the officer.

According to, Bieber had been “horsing around with members of his staff” outside a trailer when “one of the balloons hit a trooper’s gun belt and burst, and the other brushed a trooper on the chest but didn’t burst.”

While we await an official statement from the Fraternal Order of Police, know this: Justin Bieber does not now, and will not ever, live by your rules.

Justin Bieber Won’t Be Punished For Water-Balloon Incident [MTV]

Justin Bieber Is Above the Law