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Jason Schwartzman Not Even Famous Enough to Have Pizza Delivered

“I was talking with a friend about the future — you know, acting is so capricious. There are certain actors who can get anything they want, like if we said, ‘Let’s get a pizza right now,’ and called and it arrived. I’m not in that rank.” —Jason Schwartzman, [LAT]

“I’m still doing it because it’s finding out how to introduce people to all of these people in this world. By the way, there’s a thunder god. You guys are cool, right? This guy is big and green and this character wears an American flag. It’s all good, right? It’s totally real world.” —Joss Whedon on the difficulty of figuring out how to introduce everyone to each other in his script for The Avengers [Splash Page/MTV]

“It’s kind of in that Eminem fashion of saying everything horrible about yourself that you could possibly say before anyone else does.” —Mark Ronson, on the title track to his new album, Record Collection [WSJ]

“My only caveat is that the vice president of the foundation told me to shut up and think about it before I said anything, because I might not always be working for HBO.” —David Simon, on being awarded a MacArthur Fellowship [Show Tracker/LAT]

“To be quite honest, I just figured, ‘Here we go with another big project that a bunch of movie stars are going to inhabit. Why bother?’ ” —Scott Patterson’s first thoughts upon reading a script for The Event [Show Tracker/LAT]

“All joking aside, the one thing I probably asked to have removed more than once was the shot of my tramp stamp, because I’m so embarrassed.” —Nev Schulman, star of Catfish [AV Club]

Jason Schwartzman Not Even Famous Enough to Have Pizza Delivered