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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Explain The Romantics’ Ending, Sort Of

We hope it’s not spoiling too much if we tell you that this weekend’s The Romantics — in which Katie Holmes, Adam Brody, Malin Akerman, Elijah Wood, Josh Duhamel, and Anna Paquin play college friends who meet up six years after graduation — ends on a slightly ambiguous note. To clear things up, we pounced on Holmes and husband Tom Cruise at the party held at the Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel following last night’s New York premiere of the film. Neither would give too much away, but Cruise vehemently disagreed with our own interpretation of the ending. Minor spoilers ahead!

How did you become involved with the film?
Katie Holmes: I thought the script was great and the characters were great. It was a great story.

What happens at the end? Are we supposed to just guess?
Holmes: You are.
Cruise: What do you think?

I think he married Anna Paquin.
Cruise: Really? No way!
Holmes: If you think that, that’s cool.

You think he picked Katie’s character?
Cruise: [Shrugs.]

Katie, I heard you say earlier tonight that Tom brings you flowers to be romantic, and that I’d have to ask Tom what you do for him. So, Tom?
Cruise: She’s just a very romantic person and creates amazing things in my life every day.
Holmes: Now I’m blushing.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Explain The Romantics’ Ending, Sort Of