Please Don’t Judge Me, But I’m Sort of Excited About Jackass 3D

So Weezer’s new video is basically a trailer for Jackass 3D. And as someone who is not that into Weezer and is also supposed to be a professional comedy snob, I should hate this. But can I tell you a secret? I really want to see this stupid-looking movie.

I know, intellectually speaking, that Jackass is completely idiotic. It’s grown men hurting themselves and each other, probably while really high or drunk. It isn’t clever, and there aren’t really any jokes that don’t relate to someone taking a shot to the dick. But you know what? It’s fun. And unlike a lot of comedies out there, they don’t think too hard about it. It’s funny because they are having fun and laughing, and that translates to the audience having fun and laughing. It’s some lizard brain shit, and I am on board with that. It’s not what I want to watch all the time, but once in a while? Yes please.

And as for the 3D thing, well, 3D is such a stupid gimmick that it’s really fitting that it’s being used for a Jackass movie. I’d rather see a 3D Jackass movie than a 3D action movie because Jackass 3D is going to be treating 3D as a way to just be dumber (if there isn’t a shot of a boner coming right at the screen, I’ll be shocked) rather than to create some bullshit “immersion” that just ends up looking more artificial than 2D movies.

So while I know it’s not “smart comedy,” it’s good enough for me. If you can’t shut your brain off and laugh at a fat man chasing a midget down a busy street in 3D, well, you’re a better person than I am.

Please Don’t Judge Me, But I’m Sort of Excited About […]