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Look Out, Tofu, Lady Gaga’s Coming for You

“What’s everyone’s big problem with my meat dress? Haven’t they seen me wear leather? Next time, I’ll wear a tofu dress and the soy milk police will come after me.” —Lady Gaga [Gigwise]

“I’m traveling across country by squirrel cart … 400 squirrels pulling a small buckboard …View of squirrels from front, cute. View from side, very cute. View of squirrels from passenger seat, not so cute. If you get the picture.”—Steve Martin [Steve Martin/Twitter]

“I cried during Ramona and Beezus when the cat died. I was sitting next to Joey King [his co-star who played Ramona] at a screening. I thought, I can’t cry in front of a 10-year-old.” —Josh Duhamel [Parade]

“I’m used to singing in a character voice, being told, ‘Do it with an accent, or do it in a ‘40s style,’ and with a wig, or a dialect. When they say, ‘We want to hear you,’ I think, ‘What do you mean? I imitate people, that’s what I do. You feel naked.” —Brooke Shields, star of the new musical Leap of Faith [LAT]

“If I go to see a show, I’ll have to bumble around pretending I know a lot of people who act like they know me, but are really trying to meet ‘the guy in the band.’ And my memory for faces has been thoroughly destroyed by being on tour all the time, so whenever I go to shows now, someone’s always like, ‘Hey, man!’” —Richard Reed Perry of the Arcade Fire [AV Club]

Look Out, Tofu, Lady Gaga’s Coming for You