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Dancing With the Stars Judges Must Be Blind

“I think they were definitely a little hard on me! I mean, I jumped off the stage! I thought that was cool.” —Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, on dealing with criticism from the judges on Dancing With the Stars [MTV]

“It was funny because we were eating fast food in the car and filming that scene, I ate about 3 giant chicken sandwiches. I ate a lot that day. It was great for the first one and a half sandwiches but it went all downhill after that.” —Sarah Hyland, on the pitfalls of filming food scenes on Modern Family [PopWrap/NYP]

“No, I’m not very productive at all. I’m probably like an animal. I mean, great animals in the ocean feed all the time. I’m someone who procrastinates, worries, for most of a month, and then I’ll have a flurry of manic productivity with a sense of great urgency and fear for like two days.” —Bored to Death creator Jonathan Ames [AV Club]

“I would love to see Faye get drunk in a bar with Peggy and talk about stuff, to see what would transpire between them. Because you get to see the guys bonding like that. The guys are buddies at work, they’re competitive, but not in the same way that the women are.” —Mad Men’s Carla Buono [Show Tracker/LAT]

“‘Glee’ ‘s my favorite show, and so we tried. We talked to Ryan [Murphy]. I sang for [him] but I never expected that I would be a part of it. And I found out on Twitter. I was like, ‘This is not true,’ so after 30 minutes, I got an e-mail from them [saying], ‘Congratulations.’” —Charice, on finding out she’d been added to the cast of Glee [MTV]

“In the middle of the night I just start laughing about something we did. I’m 84 and I was nursing this little baby. I turn to the camera and say, ‘Ow, no biting.’ And the family rushes in and the grandfather starts dry-heaving. And the little baby’s crying all night, and finally, the father, who’s about 20 or so, climbs in the crib with her. And he’s about 6’1’” —Cloris Leachman, on one of her favorite scenes from Raising Hope [ArtsBeat/NYT]

Dancing With the Stars Judges Must Be Blind