The Many Faces of Snooki

There’s this tiny lady named Snooki. Perhaps you’ve heard of her — she stars on MTV’s Jersey Shore, the reality show about eight enterprising young friends all working together at the same job. Because she’s writing a book, and because she’s so miniature, hilarious, and fascinating — a living cartoon — we’ve taken a look back and gathered our favorite Snooki pics into a tribute slideshow that chronicles her wide array of facial expressions, from Elegant Snooki to Don Draper Snooki to Art Fan Snooki. Come, journey into Snooki’s face with us.

“Let’s get purse-onal.”
“You’ll never catch a cocktail from outer space if you’re not prepared to catch it.”
“The lady said I couldn’t ride him.”
“I’m a queen and my friend is a princess.”
“I’m sorry for your loss, lol.”
“Check out my eyebrows. Not bad!”
“Sunglasses make it hard to breathe through my nose.”
“When he wants a piña colada he goes chomp, chomp, chomp.”
“My mouth is the shape of a sideways letter B.”
“What is this, a dog?”
“My legs look like gray stumps.”
“Who’s this woman next to me?”
“You could fit my feet inside my boobs.”
“Once the winter has passed, we’ll settle by the river.”
“My parents sold me into slavery but eventually I will seek vengeance against the warlord who massacred my tribe.”
“It’s actually a peanut I speared on my head.”
“I look like Lil’ Kim here, no?”
“Give me something.”
“Lead them on, Aragorn; the bridge is near. Do as I say — swords are no more use here.”
“Check it out, I’m a skatress.”
“My real name is Dick, but I changed it in the war.”
“Just because my eyes are closed doesn’t mean I’m asleep.”
“My friend has lost her shoes.”
“Guns don’t kill people, people with guns … kill people. In any case, this is a toy gun.”
“It’s really me, Snooki.”
The Many Faces of Snooki