Steven Colbert Rally Planned in Response to Glenn Beck’s Horror-Rally

Stephen Colbert fans on the Internet are trying to plan a gigantic - think 500,000 people - rally in Washington DC called “Restore Truthiness.” It would essentially be a large-scale parody of Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally, with Stephen Colbert at the helm. If he agrees to it, of course.

“Think about it. It’ll be just like Colbert’s mockery of GW Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondent’s Dinner, but 500,000 people will be able to participate with him. We’ll all stay totally in character as teabaggers. The kid with the microphone that interviews all the idiots at these things can come by and we’ll ramble into his microphone.This would be the high water mark of American satire. Half a million people pretending to suspend all rational thought in unison. Perfect harmony. It’ll feel like San Francisco in the late 60s, only we won’t be able to get any acid.I know you’re out there somewhere, Stephen, watching LOLcat gifs along side us. We need you. There’s no way to have a logical public discussion with the teabaggers. The best we can do is to mimic them. Show them a mirror and hopefully some will realize how ridiculous they actually are… Or maybe they won’t even realize that they’re being mocked, which could be even more awesome.”

Here’s “mrsammercer’s” call-to-arms, as posted on Reddit:It’s an interesting idea! And while 500,000 people is probably a pretty big stretch, if Colbert were to get onboard with it, I’m sure it would be a ridiculous event to remember.

But would Colbert really want to hop on board something like this rather than create it himself? Who knows. I guess we’ll see if this actually gains momentum or peters out like most other Facebook- and Reddit-based petitions. [via]

Steven Colbert Rally Planned in Response to Glenn […]