This Week’s Best Recap Comments

From The Real Housewives of New Jersey reminding one of you of Seinfeld to a True Blood finale that largely disappointed, you had a lot to say in the comments this week. As is our new tradition, we picked out our favorites and highlighted them below. Keep up the commenting, and yours could be here next week!

Mad Men:
“I was struck by the line [’People tell you who they are, but we ignore it, because we want them to be who we want them to be.’] and its contrast to the great line by Stephanie to Don earlier this season: ‘Nobody knows what’s wrong with themselves, but everyone else can see it right away.’ One could write a whole treatise on those two lines (are they in conflict with each other, or do they strangely complement each other?) but I am just as lazy as Don when it comes to writing more than 250 words, so I will pass.” —JerseyRudy

“For me, the Don voiceovers really didn’t work. They felt a bit too like American Beauty, and a slap in the face for Hamm and his fine acting. So far, he’s been able to communicate his inner monologue just in his facial expressions and the beautifully wrought dialogue. I don’t think we needed to be brought in like that. Was the voiceover writing intentionally cliched, do you think? We thought it might indicate Don’s inability to write anything more meaningful than an advertising slogan.” —Dantestraw

True Blood:
“I knew I was bored when Sookie poured Talbot down the drain, and my first thought was, ‘Oh yea, I need to call the plumber about the disposal … ’” —GamerGrrl

“This show is quickly spiraling into an abyss of f*ckery. I would rather watch 15 minutes of Eric/Pam saying one liners, 15 minutes of Jason dopey looks and 20 minutes of Eric and sookie bangin’ (preferably Sookie is gagged because I’m sure she would find some reason for a righteous speech).” —Prettymuch

“I’m trying desperately to hang on to this show and am at my fingernail tips. It’s petering out more quickly than Heroes and doesn’t even have a cool ‘Save The Cheerleader’-esque catchphrase going for it. I haven’t any idea what the show wants to do. Perhaps this works if you’re Seinfeld but not when the promise engendered in the pilot has become an annoying 2 AM faucet drip. And I’m not a plumber.” —benjamin7373

“The only reason I can think why people say they like this show is because it is the emperor’s new clothes — you are stupid if you don’t get it. The characters are ridiculous. The secretary is the most lifeless person on TV since they last replayed Weekend at Bernie’s. The only one of the super team who is anywhere near believable is Grant. The whole spying stuff is crap, I half expect to see someone sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper with eyeholes cut out. But because it is slow somehow it is deep and thoughtful. I am so glad I stopped watching, but I am enjoying reading the recaps, so I hope the recapper keeps watching.” —mbattle

The Real Housewives of New Jersey:
“Kim saying hi to Danielle reminded me of Seinfeld saying hi to Newman” —leemonada76

“All I know is that if Andy ever showed up in my neck of the woods I would RUN. All he does is systematically invade American cities and put a few already delusional women on pedestals so they can knock each other down and lose their identities completely while simultaneously traumatizing their children.” —PinotGallery

Jersey Shore:
“You misquoted Pauly. The morning after the fight, he found a ‘tuna fish sanGwich.’” —nymag_fan

“Did Uncle Nino remind anyone of Rodney Dangerfield?” —KalinkaNYC

This Week’s Best Recap Comments