This Week’s Best Recap Comments

From Rachel’s cooking ability on The Rachel Zoe Project to one of you being freaked out by a Steve Buscemi sex scene in the Boardwalk Empire premiere, you had a lot to say in the comments this week. We picked out our favorites and highlighted them below; see if you made it. If not, there’s always next week!

Boardwalk Empire:
“Watching this episode I couldn’t help but think how different Mad Men would have looked if it had ended up on HBO. On Mad Men this week, we got one great New York exterior set, but those are very rare. Contrast to Boardwalk Empire, with its gorgeous outdoor sets that I think transported the viewer back in time better than any costume, hair, or dialog could do.” —ARTGAL987

“My most WTF moments: Steve Buscemi sex scene, midget boxing, and Dabney Coleman being alive.” —ARTIEFUFKIN

Mad Men:
“Since when does getting robbed get you laid? That was absurd.” —headinbetweenjoansbreasts

“I think this episode, as far as Don is concerned, was about the things he is letting get in the way of his work. In order to get sort of healthy, he has to leave the office. And during working hours. Even in the meeting he’s not half there. Ken has to salvage the meeting, and the jerky boys complain about his coming in when they were just about to leave. Unlike the last time this happened, when Don was so drunk, Peggy leaves and the boys are stuck.” —Mary Lee

Gossip Girl:
“Plus 1000 for Chuck gleaning life lessons from Dick Whitman.” —PurpleandGreen

“Lily can’t tell the difference between a brand-new designer crib and a 20 year old crib from a storage unit? +2, because she probably never set foot in her own children’s nursery.” —southerncomfort

“It’s entirely probable that a man will fall for his exhibitionist artist neighbor who lives within surveillance distance of his entire apartment. She’s the beautiful sort of woman who spends a weekday not in an office as an executive assistant but instead making mediocre paintings while staring at a mystery bag. This woman who finds a gun after rifling through a stranger’s bag has a fetish for gun-toting curly-haired “historians” and is totally NOT a spy for or executive assistant to an evil-eBayer-shopping Spangler. This is a world where women always are as they appear and are never the inquisitive sort with mysterious motives that push a B-plot along.” —awolcreative

Lone Star:
“James Wolk looks too much like Kyle Chandler for this show not to be a Friday Night Lights spinoff where Coach Taylor had a kid, who was raised by someone else, turned out bad, and then married Tyra. But he’s still got that Taylor heart of gold!’” —stepliana

The Real Housewives of D.C.:
“The problem with the DC Housewives is that at this point, the ladies know the game right off the bat. There were no warm up episodes showing them becoming friends, meeting for expensive lunches and making obscene purchases. Basically there was no polite, friendly behavior that allows us to choose favorites and to pick one side over the other when they finally switch into night-vision, attack-to-kill mode. Because nastiness + self-instigated drama= ‘viewers’ = more $$$ to keep throwing awkward vineyard parties with loads of unnecessary security. Or to buy more fingerprint-reading closet locks. Whichever suites your fancy, (or your paranoid, self-imagined security issue) … ” —nellie326

The Event:
“Was I the only one who kept looking at Leila’s dad and really saw Michael Lohan? Creepy.” —MrScooter

How I Met Your Mother:
“I have to say, well played, HIMYM writers. They managed to do the network-sitcom-second-to-last-season-girl-on-girl-kiss without it involving a major character or being overly hyped beforehand (like it was on Friends).” —thatbeingsaid

This Week’s Best Recap Comments